Omni Modus is a utopian organization and philosophical group guided by a democratic, debate, and discussion based philosophy, dedicated to a more reasonable and humane world. They specialize in philosophy, eastern martial arts philosophy, military combat, the smuggling of firearms, small explosives & good quality drugs.

All members are over the age of 18 where as 50% female and 50% male. Membership is voluntary and all members are required to be trained in weapons, martial arts and military tactics.

Organizational StructureEdit

OM members are instructed in the art of numerology and supreme mathematics. Although Omni Modus moves as one organization, it consists of 4 Main Groups ("MG"; A, E, F, W), each consisting of 3 Sub-Groups ("SG"; 1, 2 & 3), in all making 12 SGs, called the "12=3x4 System":

OM Structure

Diagram of OM's Organizational Structure

All members choose one SG to be a member of and are automatically assigned to the corresponding MG. (Ex. If one chooses to be in A3-SG, he/she will be assigned to the A-MG. The member is allowed to switch SG/MG every 4 months.
  1. All SG matters are solved democratically by one vote per member within the SG, called an "SG-Vote";
  2. Issues that do not come to a minimum 77% majority concencus within the "SG-Vote", are solved by the "MG-Vote" (all corresponding SG's within the specific MG, F.ex the W-MG).
  3. Issues that do not come to a mimimum of 66% concencus within the MG are solved by an "OM-Vote": All SG's in every MG vote together, and need a 55% majority concencus.

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